Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Yes, Let's Have More Guns!

The AZ Republic ran two stories in their paper on Saturday that I'm sure they didn't intend for the public to "connect the dots." The first story was a continuation of the death of a police officer shot and killed when the murderer was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. He leaves behind a family and several children. The second story was about how the Republican legislature is entertaining a new bill that will abandon the requirement for either a concealed weapons permit or a background check if someone wants to carry a gun. 

Yes, that's right -- no permit and no background check on those who want to carry a concealed weapon. I don't know the exact number of police officers shot and killed in the last few years in Arizona but there are, seemingly, always stories in the paper about another police officer dying in the line of duty. 

Now, the Republicans want more guns with fewer restrictions on the owners so that no one will know exactly who is carrying one (or more) of them. Brilliant!